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SAMHITAA is a clinic dedicated for the diagnostic evaluation and medical management of patients with difficult and unusual oral disease, oral ulcerative diseases, TMJ disorders, oro-facial pain , oral malodor , oral manifestations of systemic diseases and other oral diseases.

The diagnosis and management of some relatively common oral mucosal conditions are frequently complex in the context of general dental practice; thus, many patient's oral problems remain unresolved even after repeated visits to other healthcare providers , such patients will benefit from consultation with a oral medicine specialist.

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Welcome to my practice website. My practice is limited to managing patients with mouth (mucosal) diseases, TMJ disorders and Orofacial pain conditions. Appointments are usually made to see me through your family dentist or doctor, but an appointment can be made directly if desired.

- Dr. Suhas. S


Oral Medicine, Diagnosis and Radiology.

Appointments and General Information

Cell: 91 9448786598
Email Id: info@samhithaa.com / suhas@samhitaa.com