Training Program

Publishing clinical research

It is the responsibility of clinicians to add value to existing clinical knowledge by way of publishing their experiences and/ or data from their research. The most common means of spreading this valuable scientific information continues to be via publications. In the previous decade, majority of the publications in international dental journals have had contributions mainly from clinicians within developed nations while their colleagues from developing countries have sparsely contributed for a variety of reasons. Noticeable sizes of publications are now being seen from authors from developing nations.

Most dentists have had little or no exposure to systematic teaching or training during their dental school and post graduate studies with respect to scientific writing and publishing. Publishing clinical research (PCR) program is designed to train dental academicians and researchers to processes of scientific publishing. Participants will be trained in the process of writing for professional publications, including planning, writing, and submitting a publishable manuscript.

Since sound research is a prerequisite to publishable manuscript, participants will also be introduced to elements of biostatistics. PCR program includes lecture series and workshop designed to train dental professionals in the art of scientific writing.

Course objective :

Participants should be able to write a manuscript of publishable quality

Developing a network of dental clinical academicians interested in clinical research

Participants are encouraged to get a manuscript of their own for the course. Interested participants can enroll for the "Practice Based Research Initiative". Number of participants per batch: Six. New batch every month

Further details contact

Dr. Suhas
Cell: 9448786598

Course Schedule

Module 1 1. Introduction
2. Process of publication
3. Reasons for rejection
4. Peer review – A survival guide
5. Reasons for Acceptance
Module 2 1. Authorship
2. Plagiarism
3. Manuscript structure
4. Developing a research question
Module 3 1. Figures
2. Tables
3. Poster
Module 4 1. Understanding null hypothesis
2. Types of data
3. Choosing the right statistical analyses
4. Study designs
5. Research Ethics ,IRB and consent
6. Getting lucky with publications
Module 5 1. Manuscript preparation – Review of manuscripts of participants
2. Introduction to “ Practice Based Research Initiative”